Plant Resources

MacLay Civil Engineering Ltd’s business development strategy reflects our long standing commitment to purchasing directly owned plant appropriate to our core business activities.

We manage and maintain an extensive in-house haulage fleet which includes 7.5 tonne, 18 tonne and 26 tonne tippers and HIABs driving efficiencies in delivering materials to and disposing of materials off site. With this capability, rare among our competitors where haulage is typically outsourced, we are able to ensure that tippers are loaded in both directions reducing road miles and contributing to company carbon reduction targets.

Plant includes footpath and carriageway planers, surfacing pavers, pre-coat chippers, ride-on rollers, JCB3Cx 180 degree excavators as well as 360 degree tracked excavators ranging from 1 to 14 tonnes. Small equipment includes compressors, road saws, vibrating whacker plates, pneumatic breaker attachments etc.

Technical equipment includes automatic levels, laser levels and total stations [EDM’s]. Significant investment in direct plant ownership has proven through experience to allow greater flexibility in managing plant resources and is a prerequisite to successful delivery of reactive term maintenance contracts. All plant and equipment is maintained at our depot in Airdrie.

Almost exclusively contracts are delivered using directly owned in-house plant and equipment however where logistics or workload dictates additional plant is sourced via strategic supplier agreements.

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MacLay Civil Engineering - Plant3
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